About me

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My name is Johan Åhlén and I am an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast:

  • Internationally recognized expert on SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence. Holds the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award.
  • Frequent speaker at conferences and writer. Chairman of the Swedish SQL Server User Group, one of the most active SQL and BI communities in the world.
  • Passionate about innovation and thinking in new ways.
  • Founder of several companies, including a marketing research company and a student accomodation service.
  • Johan’s clients include several of the largest companies in Sweden.

I live in Southwest Sweden with my wife and daughters. In my spare time I enjoy playing on my grand piano.

Johan Åhlén photo

2 responses to “About me

  1. Oscar

    Hej Johan!
    Bor i Helsingborg och går dator och kommunikationsteknik på gymnasiet DCC (Design and Construction College).
    Jag undrar ifall du har några föreläsningar om SQL servrar eller något liknande, eller ifall du kan tipsa om någon föreläsning. Gärna rätt så simpel och grundläggande, inte för avancerat.

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